Craft Beer Fest to Debut with over 100 beers at SeaWorld Orlando

Craft Beer Fest to Debut with over 100 beers at SeaWorld Orlando

November 3, 2018 0 By Eric

Starting Saturday November 3rd, SeaWorld Orlando will debut the brand new Craft Beef Festival, that will feature over 100 craft beers on draft and over 20 new unique food items.

The Food

Brisket Mac and Cheese

The Craft Beer Festival might have beer in the name, but the new and unique food items that have been created by SeaWorld’s talented team of chefs will have you sampling all around the park.

Here are some delicious examples of what you can try all around the park:

  • Candied Bacon Lollipop
  • Beer Brats
  • Chorizo Potato Skins
  • Buffalo Burger 
  • Poutine
  • Bison Slider
  • BBQ Brisket Mac and Cheese

The food will have you wanting to come back every day of this event to be able to try the over 20 unique food items.

The Beers.. and the BEER FLOATS

Over 100 beers will be on draft at SeaWorld Craft Beer Fest

SeaWorld has invited local breweries from Central Florida to join this brand new event where they will be server over 100 beers around the parks.  

Not only that SeaWorld will be serving Beer Floats to adults who want more than just a cold frosty beer.  You get to choose your draft beer, and then add chocolate or vanilla ice cream with your choice of toppings. 

Guests who want to be able to sample as many beers as possible can purchase and 8 and 12 sample package that will allow them to pay a flat price of $40.00 or $54.00 to be able to sample your choice of beer, or food around the park.  To purchase or learn more click here

SeaWorld Orlando’s Beer Fest will be an awesome way to spend your next few weekends before Christmas at SeaWorld kicks off on November 17th.

Guests visiting SeaWorld Orlando on November 3rd & 4th will be treated to an extra special treat of being able to enjoy these amazing food options with Jack Hanna who will be holding his annual Jack Hanna Weekend at the park. 

With all these events, SeaWorld Orlando is giving annual pass holders lots of new reasons why 2018/2019 will be the #BestYearEver at SeaWorld Orlando.