Crowds Flock to SeaWorld for an Inside Look

Crowds Flock to SeaWorld for an Inside Look

January 25, 2019 0 By Eric

For the past few weekends, SeaWorld Orlando has done something new, something that is bringing thousands of people into the park.

It isn’t a new roller coaster, it isn’t a new show, what SeaWorld is doing is letting anyone who wants to, get a behind the scenes look at what their amazing, hardworking, and dedicated employees do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year… and people are lining up by the hundreds and thousands to see this.

Sign out front letting guests know about the special event going on at SeaWorld Orlando

We here at iLoveSeaWorld decided to go visit the park to checkout this inside look, and report back to you how incredible this event is, why this makes us love SeaWorld even more, and why you will love SeaWorld more if you go and experience this event.

A larger sign explaining the event to people arriving at the park.

To our delight, last weekend when we went and experienced “Inside Look” the park was busy and full of guests ready to explore areas of SeaWorld that have historically been off limits to guests.

Guests booking additional tours during the Inside Look event at SeaWorld Orlando.

So what exactly is this “Inside Look” event you might ask. Well SeaWorld describes the event like this:

At SeaWorld Orlando’s Inside Look, hear and see, firsthand, what goes into providing world-class animal care from the people who do it every day.  Guests that visit on January weekends 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 and 27 can go behind-the-scenes for an “inside look” at what it takes to maintain a premier zoological institution like SeaWorld Orlando.  This truly first-time-ever access features six of the least seen and most interesting portions of the park.  Guests are invited to visit all six locations, collecting stamps to earn an exclusive Expert Explorer’s Pin.  Inside Look tours are available at each location at various times throughout the day.

Special Guest appearance on the weekends will feature Guy Harvey (January 12-13), OCEARCH founder Chris Fischer (January 19-20) and Jack Hanna (January 26-27).

What delightfully surprised us was just how everyone seemed to be delighted and excited to explore SeaWorld’s backstage areas.

We decided to share two of our behind the scenes tours, to see more you will need to visit SeaWorld Orlando before the event ends at the end of the month.

Guests wait for access to SeaWorld’s Rescue Center

SeaWorld Rescue Center –  Visit the home base of the SeaWorld Rescue Team to meet and hear from the dedicated team of filtration experts, animal care personnel, lab technicians and veterinarians who work around the clock to deliver life-saving care to animals in need.  While behind-the-scenes, visitors will get to see some of the many facilities that help SeaWorld provide top-quality care to the animals that call SeaWorld home, as well as the hundreds of rescued animals that receive care at SeaWorld annually.

Guests gathered into groups to be toured around SeaWorld’s Rescue area.

Guest were put into groups as SeaWorld educators would act as guides, showing the many different steps that are taken to first rescue an animal out in the wild, after authorities request SeaWorld’s help, to the long and difficult rehabilitation process so that the animal can be released back into its natural habitat.

SeaWorld Rescue equipment that is used for research and rescuing animals.
SeaWorld Educator explaining the Seaworld Rescue process.

The first stop on the tour is learning about how SeaWorld has rescued over 33,000 animals over the past 50 years.

SeaWorld’s water quality team explains the importance of maintaining the water systems at SeaWorld

The next stop on the tour is to SeaWorld’s unsung heroes, the Water Quality team. This team is responsible for maintaining the water quality for all the animal habitats at the park. They explained, how they filter the water, how they re-clean the water, and how they help to reduce any negative environmental impact, deal with waste water, and how they keep animals healthy and happy.

Entrance to the manatee rescue hospital area.

Up next on the tour was a stop to see some of the incredible rescued manatees. As one of Florida’s only manatee hospitals SeaWorld has played a critical role in protecting this threatened animal, and helped bring it back from the brink of extinction.

A rescued manatee enjoying a comfortable rehabilitation before being returned to its habitat.

The next stop was learning about the non-mammal and non-avian rescued animals, like turtles, lizards, fish etc.

Aquarium rescue area.
An adorable rescued sea turtle.

After birds, Sea Turtles are the second most rescued animals by SeaWorld. So SeaWorld’s rescue team works tirelessly to rescue, and rehabilitate critically endangered sea turtles species.

SeaWorld’s Aquarium team explained how they help turtles, fish and lizards.

After meeting with the Aquarists the next stop on the tour was to meet the Aviculture team that rescues and rehabilitates birds of all shapes and sizes.

SeaWorld’s bird rescue area.

Guests were then introduced to SeaWorld’s Vet Techs, Lab Techs and Veterinarians, as guests learned about how SeaWorld has to provide world class care to over 34,000 animals every day!

SeaWorld Lab Tech and bird rehabilitation center.

Next up, we took a behind the scenes look at Sea Lion and Otter Stadium.

Guests queue to get a behind the scenes look at Sea Lion and Otter Stadium at SeaWorld Orlando

Sea Lion & Otter Primary Housing – For the first time ever, visit the home of the talented group of California sea lions, Pacific walrus and Asian small-clawed otters from Clyde & Seamore’s Sea Lion High. Hear stories and gain insight from the team of trainers who perform with these animals on a daily basis and learn what goes into making a live performance look seamless.

Guests are broken up into smaller groups to be toured back stage by trainers and educators.

Once guests were broken up into smaller groups to tour the backstage areas of Sea Lion and Otter Stadium, you learned where the sea lions, otters and walruses hang out and live when they aren’t doing shows.

Learning about how the Sea Lion and Otter show functions behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes you learn that while in the show there might only be two sea lions, Clyde and Seamore on stage, every show uses 5 to 6 sea lions.

Once backstage you can see the Pacific Point Sea Lion habitat.

Nothing is more important to SeaWorld’s training team than providing excellent care, a stimulating and enriching environment where they want to participate in shows, and engage with SeaWorld’s guests.

The freezer where the Sea Lions fish is kept until it is ready to be thawed and served.

SeaWorld’s zoological staff work tirelessly to make sure the sea lions receive only the best possible food, that is why team members arrive before sunrise to begin preparing the food for the animals, and making sure they are all happy and healthy.

We recommend anyone and everyone go and experience SeaWorld’s Inside Look going on now at SeaWorld Orlando and SeaWorld San Diego.

Here is some information on additional behind the scenes areas you can experience if you visit SeaWorld Orlando before January 27th, 2019.

Fish House – Step behind-the-scenes into an area rarely seen by park guests to meet the dedicated team of ambassadors who start their day before sunrise in order to provide the best of diets for every fish, sea turtle, sea lion, penguin, dolphin, or killer whale in the park.

Animal Ambassador Hamlet – This historic facility has a rich history of providing a loving home to a variety of animals at SeaWorld Orlando, including our Animal Ambassador team. Comprised of an eclectic collection of small mammals, exotic birds and a handful of well-trained reptiles, the Animal Ambassadors make surprise visits out in the park, appear at local community events, news stations and travel far and wide making appearances on network television programs and events.

Beluga & Seal Primary Housing – Step into the maze of back hallways that provide service access to the residents of Wild Arctic starting with the food prep area for the beluga whales, seals and walruses. Proceeding further in, guests will get to see a variety of beluga toys followed by a chance to step outside and see the back beluga pool and scales on which the whales are weighed.  Finally, guests will see the harbor seal holding pools where the seals spend time relaxing when they are not on exhibit.

Manta Aquarium – Go above the surface and discover what it looks like towering over the depths of Manta’s main aquarium.  In a location few have ever seen, uncover what goes into caring for the wide array of fish, rays, sea dragons, live corals and giant Pacific octopus that call Manta home. Meet the team of divers and aquarists who maintain the habitat and feed the wide range of fish within. 

Now is the time to visit you local SeaWorld, with more events than ever, and new attractions opening.

Let us know in the comments what you think of SeaWorld’s Inside Look!