Discovery Cove Adds Massages and New Animal Trek

Discovery Cove Adds Massages and New Animal Trek

June 17, 2018 0 By Eric

Guests to Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida have two great new ways to enhance their already incredible days at what has been ranked as one of the world’s best theme parks.

Oasis Spa

Guests can now book 25 & 50 minute massages at Discovery Cove’s new spa

Discovery Cove has added a new spa area, where guests can now book 25 & 50 minute massages by licensed massage therapists.  This new spa experience, will help guests 18 and older unwind and relax in a whole new way! Situated along  Discovery Cove’s picturesque ‘Fresh Water Oasis’ attraction, this spa is the perfect place for a couples massage or a solo massage, if you need to escape and get some ‘me time.’

With Discovery Cove’s tranquil tropical setting, this is expected to be a massage, guests will never forget.

The massages start at $59 and should be booked in advance.

Animal Trek

Also debuting this summer for guest 6 and up, is the brand new Animal Trek tour.  This new 90 minute tour is going to help guests young and old go behind the scenes to see and meet more of Discovery Cove’s animal ambassadors.  The Animal Trek tour will also allow guests to meet and talk to the animal care specialists, who dedicate their lives to the care of the animals that call Discovery Cove home.

The tour will include:

• A private tour of the Explorer’s Aviary, to include bird feeding, handling and photo opportunities.
• A viewing of the otter oasis, to include learning about these animals, helping Discovery Cove’s Ambassadors to feed the otters and photo opportunities.
• A possible interaction with an anteater and a sloth. Photo opportunities could be available.

The new Animal Trek tour starts at $79 per person and should be booked in advance.

These new offerings are clear to delight guests.