Shamu Stadium

Shamu Stadium

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Shamu Stadium at SeaWorld Orlando


When it opened, Shamu Stadium was the world’s largest facility for killer whales, and it is still one of the largest of its kind. It is the most popular attraction at the park, and is also home to the world’s most successful killer whale breeding program to date. Up to 5,500 guests can occupy the stadium during shows, which regularly fill to capacity in peak seasons.

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Fast Facts:

*Mixed species exhibit*
*Rotation exhibit*
Species: killer whale and short-finned pilot whale
Former species: Unknown
Opened: 1984
Project size: 4.9 acres, with 1 acre for animals.
Region of SeaWorld Orlando: Sea of Power
Design firms:
Awards: None
Key dimensions:

Show pool: 2 million gallons, 150 feet across, 36 feet deep.
Back holding pools: dimensions unknown.
Medical pools: dimensions unknown.
Underwater viewing pool: 20 feet deep.

Animal Photos:

Special Animal Experiences at Shamu Stadium:

Exhibit Documentation:

Concept Art:


Aerial image from Google Maps:
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Exhibit space diagram:
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Containment on the perimeter of all display and holding spaces in Shamu Stadium consists of tank walls (glass and concrete).

Guest viewing areas:

There are two viewing areas at Shamu Stadium: inside the stadium and the underwater viewing area.

Special exhibit features:

Slideouts for demonstrating hunting and husbandry behaviors, slideovers for shifting animals between exhibit spaces and for play, and water fountains for tactile enrichment.

Guest experience elements:


Programming events:

Programming in this exhibit consists of shows, dining experiences, and animal interaction programs.

Signage and interpretation:

Shamu Stadium teaches guests about the interconnectedness of the oceans, the killer whale’s role as the top predator in the ocean’s ecosystem, and adaptations of killer whales that help them succeed in their environment.

Theming features:

Theming elements include the Shamu fountain outside the main concourse of the stadium.

Higher Purpose

Conservation partnerships: Killer Whale Research Program and Conservation Program (KWRCP) with NOAA through National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF)

Breeding recovery programs: None.

Rescued animals: The four short-finned pilot whales in this exhibit were rescued from mass strandings.

Animals in this Exhibit

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