Infinity Falls Debuts at SeaWorld Orlando

Infinity Falls Debuts at SeaWorld Orlando

October 11, 2018 0 By Eric

On October 4th, SeaWorld Orlando debuted their new mega attraction, Infinity Falls, a river raft ride that takes you deep into the jungle to explore, entertain, be thrilled and learn about the world’s rivers and why they are important to humans and animals alike.

Before you careen down the river on Infinity Falls, guests now get an amazing view of new Flamingo Habitat, that is exclusively viewed from the river rafts.

Infinity Falls at Seaworld Orlando, isn’t your typical river raft ride, this ride has a revolutionary elevatory system, that skyrockets guests 40 feet into the air and then sends them straight down the world’s tallest river raft ride drop!

Infinity Falls is the perfect ride for guests on those hot warm Florida days, and those hot summer nights, when you just need to cool down!

While you experience a rainforest jungle Utoptia on the ride, guests who purchase items from Infinity Fall’s merchandise shop White Water Supply, 5% of the sale will go to help protect and preserve the Everglades in South Florida!

SeaWorld Orlando continues to lead the way in a theme park experience that allows you to have an incredible good time, while positively contributing to the planet!

We rode Infinity Falls, and we LOVED IT!

Infinity Falls is now open and is exclusively at SeaWorld Orlando