Infinity Falls Ride Secrets Revealed

Infinity Falls Ride Secrets Revealed

October 22, 2018 0 By Eric

We went on an expedition deep into the jungles at SeaWorld Orlando to speak with Jeff the Director of Theme Park Development for the SeaWorld parks to talk about the amazing hidden gems, secrets and things that SeaWorld fans should be excited about, and watch for when they finally take the plunge and ride Infinity Falls at SeaWorld Orlando. 

If you watch the video, you can see that the designers of Infinity Falls snuck a lot of amazing details for fans to look for as they experience Infinity Falls.

Our favorite detail is the secret Flamingo habitat that you can only see from Infinity Falls.  If you go first thing in the morning, when the Flamingos enter their habitat, you will see that the Flamingos love to chase the boats as they pass by. 

the lift hill, doesn’t take you to the big drop!

The lift hill is a great fake out on the ride.  You might think that then you go up the lift hill, the ride is almost over… but the reality is… you are only HALF WAY!  

The back half of the ride, is a fun and intense section with big drops, and big splashes.

But none of that will prepare you for the world’s tallest drop!  

You have to experience Infinity Falls in person!  And go find those hidden gems while you are exploring this amazing river raft ride!