Vanish Point is Now Open at Adventure Island

Vanish Point is Now Open at Adventure Island

October 11, 2018 0 By Nick

In March 2018, Vanish Point officially opened to guests at Adventure Island, Busch Gardens Tampa’s sister waterpark. Vanish Point is undoubtedly a must-do for thrill seekers in Tampa, as it includes two slides that are each 70 feet tall and over 400 feet long.

What’s even more thrilling about Vanish Point is the start of the ride: guests walk into a “skybox” and wait for the floor underneath to vanish, dropping them nearly straight down into the slide.

Vanish Point also includes a third high-speed slide without a skybox that will send riders on loops and zigzags down from 70 feet to a thrilling horizontal ending.

Vanish Point’s three new slides are accessed inside Adventure Island from the same tower as fan-favorite Colossal Curl, the park’s most recent family slide that opened in 2015.

Adventure Island is the water park to visit this summer in Tampa!

Cover photo from Adventure Island.